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Welcome to another year in monthly tax foreclosure data, maps, and news for Detroit and Wayne County, Michigan — 2019 edition — presented by Jerry Paffendorf and Loveland Technologies, makers of

We only planned to run this Patreon for one year, but due to requests from our patrons and an ongoing need in the community we are doing it again. Head to the Posts section to see what's new, and scroll back to see how we tracked things month by month in 2018.

Here's the high-level of the situation in 2019:

For the year 2019, 34,800 Detroit properties received tax foreclosure notices, including 25,506 occupied properties.

An additional 7,770 properties in the rest of Wayne County received tax foreclosure notices, including 5,062 occupied properties.

That brings the grand total of tax foreclosure notices in Detroit and Wayne County to 42,570, with 30,568 of these properties being marked as occupied by county noticers. 

Patrons of this project will support the otherwise unfunded sharing and analysis of monthly tax foreclosure updates presented as maps and raw spreadsheets of foreclosure and payment statuses at the address level. 

The goal is to keep the public, politicians, and the press informed and aware of the size, shape, and specifics of the problem so that advocates can reach those at risk, all occupied homes are removed from the foreclosure auction, and policies and laws can be improved.

While the data speaks for itself and everything presented here is factual information from government sources, you will also find thoughtful, even-handed advocacy to change the system alongside the data.

As an example, Jerry sent an open letter to Governor Whitmer and Lt. Governor Gilchrist on January 1, 2019 entitled "Profiting from Property Distress: A Letter To Governor Whitmer Concerning Michigan’s Predatory Tax Foreclosure & Delinquent Property Tax System." This letter underlines the perverse financial incentives of Michigan's delinquent tax collection and foreclosure auction laws and suggests a few modifications to remove the incentives.

This is work we have committed to because it is the right thing to do. As a company that maps property information, when you see something like this happening in your own back yard you have to say something or you're not worth your salt. If you appreciate it, please consider becoming a patron or sponsor at whatever level you can.

For an introduction or refresher on tax foreclosure in Detroit, please watch the VICE News video above or read their article.

Note: While our hope and goal is to change things and reach zero occupied homes at the auction, we understand there are people and organizations who just want or need this data and are not or do not wish to be seen as advocates. Loveland may call our community of subscribers supporters of patrons but we understand that contributions through this site do not necessarily indicate support for Loveland's views or activities. We want to build a big tent of people working on and researching this issue that can include multiple views and neutral parties, including the press.

You can contact the Loveland Technologies team any time at [email protected]. Thank you.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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