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Complete access to my Patreon page where I will post updates and such that only you can see!!
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I will email you a free mp3 download for each of my covers the day they come out!
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THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS. You will be the tangible difference shaping the future of my career. By donating $5 a video, you will be in constant connection with me in helping me develop my art and the artists I choose to work with. You will help me select covers. You will help me decide on everything! Plus, you'll receive all of the other rewards from the other levels!




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About Taylor Jordan

Hey guys! I make YouTube videos and we are always trying to make them the best they can be, sadly that doesn't come cheap! We are always having to buy new equipment,  props and other items, and I also have a small team that volunteers to help but I would love to pay them! I also make most of the music in the covers that I do and that requires me to pay for little things here and there like mastering and different programs (which are not particularly cheap) so by becoming a patron are really helping me to make the best content I make!
$20 of $100 per Music Videos
Music is what I love, but it costs money to produce high quality productions for you guys! I would love to make at least $100 a video to go toward new equipment and kickstarting a career as an independent musician!
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