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About Taylor Marek Podcast

Since 2006 the Taylor Marek Podcast has reached tens of thousands of people in over 124 countries. You can read more of the history of the podcast below.

Help support this podcast so that it can continue to reach lives around the world. Here are some of the comments I've received over the years from listeners,

"...Thank you so much for this [show]. I don't know what I would do without it..."
"...My life is a mess and you are the only place I know to turn to that helps keep me going..."
"...I get picked on and bullied a lot and because of that I am left alone. [You] actually care for me and accept me for who I am and that means alot to me..."

The Taylor Marek Podcast is the only 3-in-1 podcast that covers a wide variety of topics and helps to educate, entertain and enlighten people across all walks of life. By supporting this show, you help make all of this possible and also earn some perks in return.

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The History of the Podcast

I had it planned on August 1 that the first episode would go out, but a couple issues made me push it forward a week. I thought long and hard what I would talk about, what it would be called and such, and happened to run across this article talking about Donald Trump having a podcast where he had a business tip, commented on a real life event, and upcoming plans. I decided to follow in like form. I loved three topics in particular at that point in my life; Finances, Business, and Technology, and decided to use them. I also coined the phrase “3-in-1 podcast” in the process. On August 8, 2006, I fired up my headset mic and recorded my first episode. I already knew from listening to the experts all the behind the scenes work on recording, producing, and promoting your podcast. I followed the advice that was given and started the manual task of making sure my podcast was in every blog/podcast directory available. It took me roughly 6 months to get it all said and done, and by that time I had a pretty good handle on my podcast. I almost got Trump on the show! That’s when the Fun began…

I regularly frequented the RichDad.com Forums, and just so happened to run across someone looking for help teaching a JAclass to some kids at their school in Arizona. I responded by giving him some tips as well as wanting to know how things went afterward. Things went very well, but little did I know behind the scenes that he talked with the JA chapter down in AZ about my podcast that he happened to listen to. That resulted in them contacting the Wisconsin JA chapter here where I live, which in turn resulted in a phone call and an interview for their JA Newsletter. That’s when my name started moving around….

Soon thereafter, Leesa Barnes contacted me directly. She had been referred to my site, read the content, and liked what she saw. She wanted to interview me for the book she was writing, “Podcasting for Profit”. I gladly accepted. During that time period, I also started connecting with more people prominent in the Internet Realm. I ran across Jeff Mills site, interviewed him for my podcast, and became good friends with him. I also started forming relationships with fellow bloggers such as Comedy4Cast, Barely Podcasting, Today in Podcasting, Startup BizCast, SmallBizPod, Managing the Gray, The WordPress Podcast, etc.

I started accepting sponsorships of my podcast in December 2006 with E-Web Computers sponsoring the first one. After that followed GoDaddy, GoToMyPC, and GoToMeeting.
In 2008 I went through some dramatic changes in my life and the life of my blog/podcast. I also celebrated my two year anniversary of my little internet empire. Shortly thereafter I headed to Las Vegas for the New Media Expo. I had an absolute blast! The people I met and the things I saw really impressed me, Gary Vaynerchuk in particular. If only I had recorded all the conversations and people I talked to, I had such a good time there. It’s too good for words to explain it all, you HAVE to be there to see it. While I was there, I finally met Paul Colligan, Leesa Barnes, Geoff Smith, Barely, and many others face to face for the first time.

In Fall of 2009 I attended Verity Institute to attain a Bachelors Degree in Communications. Verity is an accelerated college, so I can earn a traditional four year degree in two years. God put those plans on hold about a year into the program. He led me to become involved with IBLP Taiwan.
The Fall of 2010 to July of 2011 found me in Taiwan teaching English in the public schools. I was teaching alongside Taiwanese co-teachers and quite literally in the mass of the Taiwanese culture, far from the tourist spots. I learned alot and would not trade the experience for anything else in the world. While I was there I also started a daily vlog on YouTube to start documenting my life story. Taiwan holds a special place in my heart, it touched it in a way to open my eyes to the world itself.

What happened between 2011 and 2016? Read all about it here: My Life So Far

I see what needs to be done and am pushing onward into the midst; building up businesses, helping people, and enjoying life to the fullest. God knows what He is doing and I will trust His ultimate plan and enjoy the journey.

-Taylor Marek

I’m living what I love to do,
loving what I have,
and crushing it to the utmost.
This is My Passion.
This is My Fantasy.
This is My Story.
This is My Life.
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