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About THE dadbod PODCAST

There are alot of podcasts that talk about the same things, especially Conspiracy podcasts.  The dadbod Podcast isn't just a Conspiracy podcast, although we do spend our fair share of time discussing dark alleyways and murderous hot spots.  On our podcast, you are going to hear more than just the serious and depressing side of life.  You're going to hear episodes on gaming consoles, stoner snacks and music....TONS OF MUSIC!!!! In our more serious episodes we bring in local voice actors and others to help us make sure that our material is improving more and more every week.  We're just random stoner dudes trying to quit our jobs.  That's really it.
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Our main objective on our Patreon is to eventually turn it into an underground radio station that features artists that have talents from worlds unknown, but can't seem to make it out of their own little unknown worlds.  The reason that we ask for donations is because we have alot of things to do and not enough money to do them.  Thanks for reading this bullshit.  Once we get to 20 Patrons, we will be doing something very very special for you all.
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