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You can choose a tea from my stash that you want me to review on the blog.
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5 x10g samples (or 5x teabags) of tea from my extensive collection shipped straight to you! 
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10 x10g samples (or 5x teabags) of tea from my extensive collection shipped straight to you!




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About Alexis Cooper

Hi I'm Lex and I have a tea addiction.

I've been chronicling and occasionally reviewing tea from around the world on my tumblr and instagram (@tea_journey_) for some time now. I occasionally give away tea samples, but I want the chance to give directly to people who want tea, when they want it.

For the price of shipping (set at £5 to cover worldwide) + £1 per sample, you can get a personally curated package sent to you every month from a variety of blenders. Each sample will be 10g (loose leaf) or 5 teabags of your chosen blend meaning a small 5-type box will contain 25 - 50 cups of tea (loose leaf can be brewed twice!). That's an average of 30p per cup! The larger the box, the cheaper each cup of tea becomes.

You can see what's in the stash right now by clicking here.

Of course if you don't want to stump up for your own package, but still want to support me (thank you!), you can help curate the content of the blog by choosing a specific tea for me to review each month.

I don't like green tea / ginger / strawberry / etc!
That's fine I won't send you any! Think of this as the Graze Box of tea - I'll only send you stuff I think you'll like based on what you tell me.

I'm pregnant so I can't drink caffeine
First of all, congratulations. Secondly, I can prepare a fruit/herbal package that's completely naturally caffeine free!

How on earth do I brew this?
For loose leaf tea you will need some kind of infuser or teapot. If you don't have one of those, I can send you your loose tea in DIY teabags instead. Each box will come with a card detailing your teas and the best temperature & time to brew them at, so you get the very most from each and every cup.

Can you send me this specific tea from your stash?
Sure thing, friendarino.

I didn't get my box :(
Oh shoot! Things get lost in the post sometimes. Give it a couple of weeks in case a mail goblin is holding on to it. If it's still not there you can either have your money back for the month, or I'll send you another one.

I really like this tea you sent me and I want more! But I can't buy it in my country :(
Psst, c'mere. No, closer. Closer. Lean in. *whispering* I can send you an entire pouch/box with your next package.

There's a tea I think you'll like and I don't think you have it
I'm absolutely always 100% down for tea swaps.
$80 of $100 per month
If I reach $100 per month, each month I will choose a random patron to receive an extra 5 samples in their box (chance for a full tier upgrade every month!)
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