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A zip file of all the unQuiet Radio Hour test episodes in MP3 format, including the unpublished 26th episode. Be aware that some of the music in those episodes may show up in future unQuiet Times episodes.
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A zip file of ten of my songs in Mp3 format, all unreleased at the time of the reward being sent, some demos, and some that are final.

Plus the zip file from the Listener tier.
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A nifty book of my photographic art. A minimum of 24 images in a hard cover at 7 x 7 inches.

Plus the zip files from the Listener and Audience Member tiers.




Extra addendum: I have removed the "...and songs" aspect. This Patreon page is now exclusively for the unQuiet Times podcast. And now, the first addendum (slightly revised to reflect this):

A pledge means [pledge amount] dollars per podcast episode until you decide to terminate your pledge. So, it's a minimum of 4 times the pledged sum per month. Sometimes five, if the month contains five Sundays (this year, that applies to January, July, October and December)
. You can pledge as little as a dollar, meaning 4-5 dollars/month.

Got that? Now on with the actual presentation:

I'll be creating stuff whether I get paid or not, that's a proven fact. But if I can spend less time working as a subtitler/translator, I can spend more of my time making music and art, thereby making even more stuff, and of a higher caliber. Hopefully.

The pledge payments go toward making unQuiet Times even better. It comes out every Sunday on Mixcloud.

Beyond the podcast, I also make music, create art images and do some writing. None of that applies to the patron aspect, but I will make a lot of that available to patrons before it's posted anywhere else, and it will be exclusive to them for a period. I may also post some songs in progress and remixes from time to time.

Thanks for reading this far, and double thanks if you decide to become a patron. I won't say I couldn't do it without you, but you certainly will make it easier.
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This will allow for an investment in some new studio equipment, so that my wife can be on the show with me. She recently jumped in as a replacement when I had oral surgery, and it went so well, that I would like to have her be on with me on a semi-regular basis (but, alas, we only own one microphone).
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