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to the New Earth Talk Show Patreon Page!  Personally, I've had this project in mind for quite some time and I'm super excited to finally be launching a global discussion on planetary change and what that looks like.   

I am a New Earth Co-Creator, one who practices the art of creating from the emergence of our soul's true desire, one who intently creates from a place of passion and higher purpose. I work within the realms of a new paradigm, co-creating a new inner and outer matrix of joy, peace, freedom, love, and abundance for all people. 

This endeavor, this show, is to share that journey with you, all its ups and downs, all that I create and am part of co-creating, the absolutely out of this world groovy people I meet, the brilliance of our collective working in a unified field, and the behind the scene actions of the pioneers forefronting planetary change.  

I sincerely appreciate your interest!  I'm so glad you're here. Your monetary support is highly valued as I will only be able to continue the show, evolve and grow it with YOU!
$9 of $555 per month
My first goal is to reach $555 a month.  With this money, I can pay for some living/travel expenses to keep the show going, bring on a video editor and create some cool intro and outro features for the show.
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