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Nate Harbin:  I have a deadly disease called Hemachromatosis.  It causes liver damage, joint pain, blood clots, muscle pain & spasms, migrains, spleen & pancreas failure and eventually death.  There is no cure, I have to have treatment for the rest of my life or I'll die.  I may not live to see 50, but I want to live as much as I can while I'm alive.  I'm recieving treatment monthly to combat the disease.  I started wildcamping & backpacking right before I got sick. My goals now are to hike the A.T., P.C.T, & C.D.T. along with the B.M.T. & Pinhoiti before I die.  

I've begun to create short films based on certain themes, such as my film "The Silent Treatment", in which I spend a day in total silence in the forest.  My wife & I also have a serious of Family oriented comedy films under the playlist "Wacky Wednesdays".  My ultimate plan is too use any money made from Patreon, Youtube, & Reverbnation too one day fund an offgrid lifestyle inwhich our only contact with the outside world will be YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, & Patreon. (We plan on cashing out our retirement and investments too purchase a large untouched plot of land) BUT Until that happens, please enjoy our Youtube Videos & Music On Reverbnation
http://www.reverbnation.com/teainthetrees A.T.B. -Nate
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New Bushpig gear and costumes for the BUSHPIG SERIES!!!
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