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Thanks for follow me! With this tier you get early access to my works in progress of the moth! (Even exclusive that mainly I forgot to upload at social media). This tier includes my traditional sketches that I usually don't upload anywhere, and probably will become future illustrations!

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Well I also do a lot of digital sketches from any kind, you'll have access to all that random material, mainly about my characters being... them... dumb (?)

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Have the previous rewards AAAAND a screen to screen process from one of the biggest pieces I made in the month! Could be even more that one process. You can participate too on a monthly raffle of a bust up commission!




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About Tea McDonut

Hi! I’m Tea McDonut, a Colombian illustrator and editorial designer and I just want to live from my creations, my stories and give the possibilities to others to brin their own worlds to reality, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but surely the day will arrive. I’m here just to show my work and improve, of course.