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teamNIRD is a group of friends who like to play games and talk about our experiences playing them. We want to build a community that is centered around relationship but is contained within the scope of games. We want to do that by providing the people with news, interviews, reviews, and do's (suggestions) all related to gaming culture. This includes:
  • NIRDtalk - teamNIRD's video game podcast which deals with fun, interesting gaming info. With support, we hope to continue to upgrade our recording equipment, further streamline the process, and provide patrons with early access to NIRDtalk. 
  • Written reviews - found on our website,, we discuss our experiences with the games that we play. Patrons will be able to access reviews and other website content ahead of time via email or our Patreon page.
  • Livestreams - we have several accounts for the individual members of teamNIRD and teamNIRD partners. With the support of patrons, we will be able to stream more often and play games the patrons want! 
  • Local Events - teamNIRD wants to foster community and meet fellow nirds by hosting gaming events in the surrounding areas. We will be more able to organize and host these events with the support of patrons.
  • NIRDchandise - Patrons will receive discounts on all teamNIRD merchandise (soon to come).

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At $10.00 we would like to improve our podcasts with customized musics for NIRDtalk!
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