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Hello! I am definitely not eating crisps (I probably am).

I'm Anwen. I'm 26 and I live in Wales, which is really quite the coincidence as I am Welsh. I'm a writer and PhD student of Classical Civilisation, and my research focuses on depictions of female monsters from classical mythology in modern children's literature. It's a real mouthful.

When I'm not crying over how Medusa was portrayed in Percy Jackson, I write stories rooted in my obsession with myth. My writing tends to fall into two categories: comedy retellings of all your favourite myths, which you may remember from that one viral post about Daedalus and the bull suit a few years back; and very-much-not-comedy stories based on myths, which you also may remember from that one viral post about the retelling of Eurydice which didn't use the letter 'i' at all.

I have so far self-published a novella about Medusa which I hope sympathetically tells her story, and people didn't hate it (here's proof!). I'm now working on the aforementioned lipogram novella retelling of Eurydice, which reclaims her narrative from Orpheus and makes her the main character in her own story (and doesn't use the letter i!), and a novel retelling the myth of Medea, set in Georgian Bath and India under the East India Company. That particular novel is gaining a bit of a life of its own and I'm scared of it. I also write comedy myth retellings at Mythology Mondays, much more sporadically than I would like, which include analyses and facts about the myths gleaned from my academic experience.

Mythology is something that I genuinely think binds us all together, and working with familiar narratives in order to turn them into something new and exciting is an absolute dream. It's a privilege that people read what I write at all, and I hope that Patreon will give me the freedom to write even more. Anything that anyone can give is beyond helpful, and there's no way to express how grateful I am. Maybe interpretive dance. That could be a tier.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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