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About Techaeris/MOARGeek

We’re a small startup Chicago based technology and geek websites that cover the latest tech and geek news. We also provide product reviews and opinions on some of your favorite gadgets and thingamabobs as well as movie, comic and book reviews. We’re not funded by a corporate entity and we really want to keep it that way. So please check out our Patreon page and show your support for independent tech and geek news. We really want to run websites that our readers enjoy without all the corporate red tape. We want to focus on our readers, listeners and viewers not on some entity dictating what should be said.
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What better way to remain corporate free than to make the fans a part of the experience? We strive to create great content from a user’s perspective for the regular consumer and we hope you find value in what we are doing. If you do feel that we are providing value and entertainment please consider giving a little to help us continue to create that experience.
While we run Google Adsense and Amazon ads on our website currently, we want to keep the ads down to a dull roar so we don’t degrade the user experience. We talked about Infolinks and other platforms, but those alternatives tend to be obtrusive and in the way of the user. We don’t want ads getting in the way of your content. But let’s face it; in order to create content and bring new things to the site, we need funding.
That’s where Patreon and you come in, helping us out here will go a long way towards keeping us corporate free and limit the amount of companies we contact for ad support.
We appreciate all of our users and we hope you can help us make something really cool here.
Please visit our Patreon page at the link below and consider helping, your support means the world to us!
Thanks for the support,
The Techaeris and MOARGeek Team

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