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It's me Aman and i am a kickass inventor, maker, hobbyist and a tech enthusiast. I like to work upon ideas that might not be useful but are awesome in some way or the other . I've spent my whole life working on various ideas and projects, and i love to share my knowledge which i gain in the process. Annnnddddd......i'm a big-time electronics artist ( basically a passionate electronics engineer but that's what i like to call myself) .

I've received an amazing feedback for the content i create so now i' getting serious to do it full time but i need your support with that. I need your help to buy parts and to support me financially for the smooth functioning of my not so smooth life ;)

Why should you support me?

I hope if you are here so you have liked the work i do in some way or the other. I have cool and amazing ideas upon which i like to work every single day . But i have some financial constraints due to which it is a hurdle for me to continue with the work i do . 
If you support me , not only you'll be supporting me but also i would be able to give you that back in the form of 
-Exclusive content for only my patrons
-Behind the scene videos 
-You can talk to me if you need any help for your project or ideas 
- Tell me what shall i work upon next 

What will i do with your contribution? 

Your contribution will help me buy tools and parts and gather resources to make the projects possible which were just ideas at a time . Not only that there will be a lot of rewards and surprises for you guys as well including some exciting and awesome giveaways ....i'm sure you like giveaways.  

Is it worth it to support me? 

Well the answer is quite simple, wouldn't you like me build more cool inventions, blow some stuff up , open things and teach you how do they work and share my knowledge over different topics ...i guess you would love too soo go on support me .... its for a good cause ;)

Its always good to have some sort of support from the people for whom you are working day and night and it will be very easy for me to concentrate on work if i have a constant source of income so that i can work on the project rather than being worried about the finances. So once again i invite you to become my patron and help me in the journey of making awesome inventions to make this world a better place to live ...... :) :)   ;) ;)   

Hoping for your positive contribution .....

My best regards
Aman Singhal
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When i reach 100 dollars per month i will share behind the scenes video and i will make a video related to any topic requested by one of my patrons which will be exclusively for them .
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