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Hey Everyone!

First of all, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to check out our Patreon page. Myself and the rest of the team deeply appreciate it whether or not you choose to donate by the time you arrive at the end of this page.

Who I'm I and How did Tecmint takeoff?

I am  Ravi Saive, the man behind TecMint ( http://www.tecmint.com), which is a one of the fastest growing and most trusted community site for any kind of Linux articles and guides on the web.

TecMint started as a single-man project back in 2012 and has grown rapidly ever since then with 10 current active writers who are tech professionals that are well-versed in GNU/Linux and a total of 30 writers who have contributed to the success of TecMint over the years.

I (Ravi), personally, have more than 7 yrs of experience in the Linux ecosystem and Open-Source technologies, and I’ve directed my attention squarely towards the success of TecMint ever since its inception and with a team of passionate Linux enthusiasts, we have brought TecMint to the forefront of the Tech/Linux industry.

I (Ravi), initially launched TecMint.com for the sole purpose of sharing my knowledge on Linux and documenting my experiences as a Sysadmin and I was able to fund TecMint for a while with savings from the Internet-related side jobs I’d get every once in a while and Google ads.

Certainly, over the last 5 years, the site has grown tremendously and it continues to flourish, however, we are struggling to remain afloat as revenue from Google ads has dropped significantly due to an increased use of ad-blockers. This particular reason is why it’s becoming even more challenging to pay writers and continue to grow.

About TecMint.com

TecMint was established in the year 2012 for the sole purpose of filling in the craters in the Linux industry – with regards to guides, software reviews, Linux commands, shell scripting, monitoring tools, etc – and has continually endeavoured to bring you the best of content (most of which are exclusive) all in one place.

Millions of people visit TecMint! to search or browse the thousands of published articles available FREELY to all. Each week, I answer dozens of questions, publish new articles, and update existing ones.

We also publish a weekly newsletter highlighting the latest updates as well as Linux Courses and Deals, featured comments from readers, and much more.

Myself and my team have written over 1500+ tutorials, which includes long blog posts and books on RedHat RHCSA/RHCE Certifications and LFCS/LFCE Certifications. Apart from posts, We regularly reply tech support emails and moderate comments, update our social profiles with latest stuff about Linux and FOSS.

More than 20+ Linux users have contributed to TecMint and the goals we achieved would not have been possible without the contribution of our authors and endless support from our readers.

Tecmint Community is very much thankful to all authors, who directly or indirectly contributed to make Tecmint what it is today.

Moving forward, Tecmint is committed to contributing much more to Linux world and Open Source platform by writing informative articles that have helped and will continue to help those (both newbies and professionals alike) in search of a critical understanding of the Linux universe and all it entails.

This is basically our way of contributing our quota to the FOSS community and we will also donate 10 percent of our Patron donation to a FOSS project every month.

To achieve this, I (Ravi) urge you to encourage us by contributing to our cause so we can always continue to support and make Linux great

Why We Need Your Support Towards TecMint!

TecMint is a non-profit website that generates income through advertising only. The money is used to pay hosting and bandwidth bills, to purchase hardware or software equipment and to reward our authors for writing such Unique, knowledgeable and useful articles for you. In return all I need is your strong support to stay alive and keep providing our services to you all.

We’ve been extremely fortunate that advertising has been able to support this project for over a half decade. But with the rise of ad blockers and a decline in advertising revenue, the long term future of TecMint! could be in jeopardy.

By becoming a patron you can keep TecMint! going stronger than ever. Every additional dollar keeps us devoted to directly answering your questions, writing articles and books, recording videos and tutorials and more. More time also means, I and my team members can spend more one-on-one time with you!

If you love TecMint and you want us to continue our services like as its running before now. Please make a donation to us and encourage others to do so. You can donate us from a single dollar to a couple of dollars or more.

We definitely don't expect everyone to be able or even want to supporting us, which is totally fine! our tutorials will always be FREE for everyone who visits our site.

What are the other ways you could help us? We are very social and you can follow us on just about any mainstream network which includes FacebookGoogle PlusTwitter.

Also, liking and commenting on our articles on social media. Altogether, You’d be helping us reach a larger audience and so we can continue to impact as much people as we can.

What We Will Use the Money for:

  • Hosting - This is the most important part of the TecMint project and a good hosting server plan to support all traffic going to TecMint is essential.
  • CDN Bandwidth - We never settle for less and we always want to provide you with a robust CDN for serving static content faster over SSL.
  • Authors: We’ll be paying our professional writers so we can always continue to produce high quality content on Tecmint.
  • Email Solution: We’ll be subscribing to a better and stronger mass mailing solution so we can always effectively push the latest updates from TecMint to our overwhelming number of email subscribers.
  • Donation to FOSS Project - We decided that 10% of the donations we receive on Patreon every month will go to a FOSS project of the choosing of the TecMint community (we’ll provide the options and let you vote the next project we support). More details on it later.

Additional funding will allow us to focus more on what we really bring to the table which includes: answering more questions, and providing a variety of new content that can help you - and everyone - do more, be more, and connect more than ever before.

Thanks for taking the time to read through and we’ll be very appreciative of your support irrespective of the perk you decide to sign up for!

Thanks You!
Ravi Saive

$5 of $3,000 per month
Any funding I raise on Patreon is hugely helpful for me to pay server rent and bandwidth usage for TecMint and as well as reward our authors for writing quality posts on Linux and FOSS.
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