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Hey-o guys! My name is Crash Thompson and since 2012 I've been making album reviews, artist retrospectives, and other types of videos via my YouTube Channel: The Rock Critic.

There's lots of cool stuff to check out here, Quickies!: Reviews on new releases. Longer retrospectives such as The Rise and Fall of Weezer and The Green Day Retrospective, as well as other series such as Bad Album Covers, How To Get Into, and I Love/Hate This Song.

So... why should I contribute?
Well, you don't necessarily have to, but believe me, every little bit helps creators like me thrive and continue to keep making the videos you love. Writing, shooting, and editing is hard work, and things like props, equipment, and expenses can really add up. But if you like, you can help make the load a little lighter. Anything that you contribute would be EXTREMELY appreciated and would go towards helping to make the show even better!
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For $1/month or more, you get your NAME IN THE CREDITS of every episode, but you also get EARLY ACCESS to videos AND NOW you get to be on a "PRODUCER" for the show as well! 

You'll get to see videos one day prior to when they drop live on YouTube AND you'll get exclusive access to polls which will determine what videos we do next for stuff like How to Get Into's, I Love/Hate This Song, Unscripteds, and more!

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For A ONE-TIME ONLY $10 pledge (Ignore where Patreon says monthly. I can't make that text go away just yet.) , you get special access to the PRIVATE ROCK CRITIC DISCORD SERVER! With all the usual cool Discord stuff such as text channels and voice chat.

Plus, I'll also be hosting exclusive hang-outs, events, Q&A's and other stuff over there from time to time as well. Stuff that WON'T be available on the channel or in a livestream.

I have some cool ideas mapped out for this if people end up digging it, so please feel free to hop in!

per month


This tier as of 3/26/19 is now TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED as we've filled up all 24 spots!

This tier will open up again once we clear through the requested albums listed below


  • SWMRS - Berkley’s on Fire
  • Rotting Christ - The Heretics
  • The Neal Morse Band - The Great Adventure
  • Zebrahead - Brain Invaders
  • The Raven Age - Conspiracy
  • Beast in Black - From Hell With Love
  • Tyr - Hel
  • Deviloof - Oni
  • Mountain Goats - In League With Dragons
  • Devin Townsend - Empath
  • (NOTE: There are still 2 early bird requesters I'm waiting to hear back from and I've already gotten with them privately. If I don't hear back from them within the next few weeks or so I MIGHT open these two slots up to the public, but I want to give them every opportunity I can to give them a shot at requesting. They did pay after all. It's only fair.)


  1. Cranberries - In The End 
  2. Whitechapel - The Valley 
  3. Sam Fender - tba 
  4. Saor - Forgotten Paths 
  5. Venom Prison - Samsara 
  6. Queensryche - The Verdict 
  7. Stray Cats - 40 
  8. Okilly Dokilly - Howdilly Twodilly 
  9. Bad Suns - Mystic Truth 
  10. L7 - Scatter the Rats
  11. PUP - Morbid Stuff 
  12. Damned Things - High Crimes 

Thanks again to everyone who pledged! Stay tuned for your reviews in the coming days! 

per month
For $50/month or more...

I'll read your name  over the end credits of every episode as a "Super Special Thanks To..." Lil' D.Va's voice...

...this... this is a joke tier. I don't expect anyone to seriously give this much.


I mean, I'll DO it if you're crazy enough to give this much, but I'm telling ya, it prolly ain't worth it. 

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