Teje la araña

is creating street art/yarn bombing/ yarn graffiti
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About Teje la araña

We are Adriana and Alvaro , we are fiber and street artists and together we form Teje la araña. We want to share with you our project Weaving Change. We´ve been working on it for the past 5 years and it mostly consists of hand-woven crocheted pieces on street fixture. These site-specific works made of crocheted pieces are done on the street fixture and with a good dose of absurdity they aim at bringing forth either a smile or to bewilder those who come across them.

Why Patreon?
Yarn bombing takes time (and yarn!). You can help us make cities more fun,colorful,cozy,touchable,dada,poetic, fuzzy, fluffy,friendly,homely…
By becoming a patron you will help us get more yarn and free up some time to crochet more, bigger, prettier pieces.
Every stitch counts! every $ counts!
Make art not war!


With your support you can help us do things like work on our next gallery show, make a sequel of our video-installation “Grannyman starts again”, hire a screenwriter to help us put together a experimental video about our actions (we have recorded them all!), take time to work on our artist book project but mostly it will give us the ease to create more, to crochet more, to yarn bomb more! (while we chase after our toddler daugther!)

We appreciate that you made it to this page. Just the fact that you´re here tells us that you know it takes time, dedication and patience to make handmade stuff. Thank you! We greatly appreciate it!. We love transforming the world into a place that makes you want to smile, dance, create, rethink yourself (or maybe just call your granmma and tell her that you love her!). (click to watch our first yarn bombing!)

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Yarn bombing takes time (and yarn!). By becoming a patron you will help us get more yarn and free up some time. Every stitch counts! every $ counts!
Make art not war!

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