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I will put your Patreon, YouTube Channel, or website--whichever you choose-- in the Sponsors section of my website http://teknoaxe.com/Sponsors.php as thanks for being super awesome!  I will credit you guys in my update videos, which haven't happened as much as I'd like, but I will do more soon!




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For 5 years, my TeknoAXE project has been making Royalty Free Music for YouTubers, Twitch streamers and Indie Game developers.  My site (http://www.teknoaxe.com) hosts hundreds (nearly 1000) tracks that I've produced in that time, plus the stems of a couple tracks for people to remix.  My music is used in all sorts of styles of videos, from gameplay to skits to make-up tutorials and beyond!

So with all this music, you'd think that I'd find it hard to write more.  But I strive to continuously add new music to my YouTube channel and Website, and right now I'm averaging about three to four tracks weekly.  I do this through the variety of music that I produce and my constant drive for quality and melody in my compositions.

This strive for quality and quantity and variety does have its costs.  I pay for a server and bandwidth to be able to distribute the music for free.  I pay for the musical instruments and music platforms on which I produce the music.  

Truthfully, I've been able to manage these expenses through Adsense, YouTube revenue, optional music sales and music streaming services, but if you want to support me in this endeavor, you can through this page.  This is just one of the many ways you can.
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