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Thanks for stopping by. It's great to see you. (We can't really see you. But we see you.)

As always, we're listening to the messages you leave at (304) 518-JAMS, and playing them on our show and talking about them. But that's not all we do, and it's not all we want to do. We want to go bigger: tell bigger stories, ask bigger questions, do bigger things. That's where you come in. Your support of Tele-Friends helps to put us in the position to expand the scope of what we're capable of doing. We want to do live streams, live shows, host guests. We want to install phones in public places that connect directly to our line. Which. Might be insane. 

But either way! Pledge if you want to and can. If you don't, or cant, maybe think about leaving a message at (304) 518-JAMS. Ask a question, tell a story, share an opinion, make a recommendation, do whatever. We love you. —

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