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  • Access to the patron feed w/ exclusive updates, discounts, pictures, etc
  • Link to my WIPs, ideas, & sketches playlist  (early listens)
  • Monthly one-second-a-day videos plus BONUS videos (when im not lazy!)
  • AND you get to be a star on my discord server!
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  • Everything from the above tiers
  • Raw vocals, midis, and stems
  • I'll list your name & twitter handle in song descriptions as thanks (soundcloud, youtube, and bandcamp)
  • You get to be a moon on the discord server!
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About maryn


my name is maryn, and i'm a 22 year old multi-media project.

I've just completed my CIT bachelors with an emphasis in web design & development, and a minor in computer science. I now work full-time, but now dedicate a lot of my leisure time to putting out (debatably) interesting content on the internet.  This Patreon page is to support my music creation, so thank you for your consideration of becoming a patron!

❤️ Check Out My Online Universe ❤️
It's a discord server. Current population: 150+
Patrons get cool roles, but anyone can join!

I update this page frequently, so be sure to check back whenever you have time!  Tiers are listed in the sidebar.  As always, feel free to contact me about absolutely anything. ^-^


ps: if u want to make ur own patreon, use my referral link <3
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