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Updates and Polls
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Patrons that pledge $1 or more a month will have access to constant updates in regards to my progress on Certainty of Dishonor (which includes lineart of some of the panels), as well as occasional polls in regards to what content you would like to see me draw next. No spoilers will be revealed.
Character Sketches
per month
Patrons that pledge $3 or more a month will have access to my character sketches that I draw in order to get used to the feel of my webcomic characters. They'll also have access to some of the random character doodles that I don't post elsewhere. No spoilers for the plot will be revealed.
Behind the Scenes and First Look
per month
Patrons that pledge $10 or more per month will have access to the scripts that I use to plan out my upcoming pages after each page comes out. These may include some spoilers for the future plot. 

In addition, patrons will get to see my sketches of the comic before they're digitalized, essentially getting to see the layout and design of the next comic page before the page is released. 

I will also, upon request, send patrons who pledge to this tier my Clip Studio Paint Pro files for my comic pages if anyone was curious how my art process goes. (Files also exportable as Photoshop PSD files, although not everything may translate correctly.)




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My name is Tem, and thank you for taking the time to stop by my patreon. I'm a sophomore game design and animation student at college who also works on both original stories and, at present, a Pokémon Colosseum Nuzlocke called Certainty of Dishonor. 

By becoming a patron, you'll not only unlock some of the behind-the-scenes work for Certainty of Dishonor, but you'll also help support my living on a very low wage. Because of my project-intensive class schedule, I don't have the liberty of having many work hours, so I am currently running on very little money for food or other things that I might need. Any money at all is very appreciated and a big help.

If you're interested in finding my work, you can follow my Deviantart, which is where I post most of my finished artworks, both for my own personal projects such as Time of Death, and my Nuzlocke comic, Certainty of Dishonor. Just want to follow up on my comic? You can follow me on my Tumblr, where I post Fun Fact Fridays, character sketches, updates, and other nuzlocke-related content that you might not see on my Deviantart. Just interested in page updates and nothing else? I'm also on the Nuzforums

Even if you don't have money to give, any and all support is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for taking an interest in the things I do. ❤️
$0 of $10 per month
When we reach $10 dollars per month, I will draw a small extra comic page that helps add more character development, as well as backstory that won't fit into the main plot, and will release it for everyone to see!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 44 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 44 exclusive posts
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