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The Temple of the Archinox was received from Thoth in late 2015. In essence, the Temple is a consciousness accelerator that resolves the paradoxes of exoteric religion back into their archidoxal whole. The word “archidox” is considered a dead word in the English language. An “archidox” is a concept that envelops paradoxes and reduces them back into one. Whenever one is confronted with an apparent paradox, what you have really discovered is the outer circumference of the archidox. 

Paradox is but an illusion and only a half-truth. There necessarily must be a higher law that governs it. The suffix “dox” means: an opinion, idea or belief. Essentially it represents a concept. “Nox” is that which is beyond concept. At times it has been defined as darkness, but that darkness is a symbol of the unknowable infinite. This same darkness is represented in the Tarot key ATU IX The Hermit. The Hermit (the ALL) stands upon the highest mountain peak, surrounded by darkness, shining his light to the Fool at the beginning of his journey. “N.O. X.” is also an acronym for “The Night of Pan.” Pan means ALL. Therefore, “nox” means: the unknowable infinite of the ALL.

The Secret Qabalah key to N.O.X. is represented in the Tarot by ATU XIII Death, ATU XV The Devil, and “X” symbolizing Pan, therefore meaning: the Death and Transformation of the Devil (or Material Illusion) is Pan. The fact that the Devil card is represented by the Roman numerals XV is not a coincidence. XV is L.V.X. backwards with the “L” or light concealed. This Light proceeds from out of the unknowable ALL to complete the adjustment of the Hierophant to the Wheel. The true Devil is “dox,” or our beliefs, ideas, opinions and conception. “Dox” must be overcome in order to receive the one true “idea.” And this is precisely the purpose of The Temple of the Archinox.

For more info visit: templeofthearchinox.org

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