is creating R6S Tournaments and YT videos alongside Twitch Streams(soon).
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Donating $1 will allow my channel to grow and help me keep providing content and R6S tournaments for you guys and girls. Thank you so much for the Donation! This tier will Give you The Patreon tag in my discord server for fans and patrons.

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About Tenacious

My name is Caeron (Keer - Ron) and this is my Patreon page for my channel 'Tenacious'. First and foremost thank you for being a supporter of my channel and of course thank you for becoming a Patreon if you decide you would like to support me. 

I originally set this page up as i want to spend more time streaming and making YouTube videos. But more recently i have started hosting Rainbow Six Siege tournaments and i would like to be able to stream these event live but i dont have a powerful enough set-up. So this Patreon is to support the tournaments going ahead, my YouTube channel and to help upgrade my set-up so i can stream tournaments and my own gaming experience with viewers and fans.

Thank you to all the subscribers on this journey so far. Hopefully by the year end we can reach over 100 subscribers! 

P.s do not donate if you do not 100% feel as if my content is worth paying towards. A Sub, Comment and Like are all appreciated please don't feel the need to donate if you do not want to!!!

P.S    "Stay Classy, Be Tenacious, Peace Out!"
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Once this Goal is reached i will use the raised money to upgrade my current microphone to a 'Blue Yeti microphone' as my snowball is dying and the quality of audio is not as good as i would like and i feel the reduces video quality.

Thank you to Everyone who becomes a Patron! 
Sergeant Tier will be introduced only by the help of my current Patrons so thank you!
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