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About Tennis Predictions

Hello everyone!
As most of you may know, I'm a YouTube creator; I make predictions for all the ATP Tournaments plus some other special predictions. I really invest a lot of my time on the channel to make the different videos as quickly, and with the best possible quality, because it is something that I really like doing and I'm always looking forward to seeing the channel grow.
You may also know about the polices that YouTube requires for creators to earn some money for what they do. Even though the channel has been growing a lot lately, it still does not comply with the requirements to earn money from ads. 
This is why I decided to open this Patreon page; for those of you who would like to support the channel. As I said, it really takes a lot of my free time to do this, it is not my job, but all the same I do it happily. However, it would be great for me if I could get some earnings, not only for my personal success but to invest in better editing programmes and that stuff.
Last but not least, I would like to let you know that I know that the value of the tiers is not worth what I'm giving you back; I believe those little rewards are just a way of thanking you for your support, but are not worth the money you are donating, for sure
Hope you enjoy the content,
Tennis Predictions

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