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Tiny rainbow frog (wo)men.

I have student debt. Once it is all gone I can continue on my path in even more radical, brotherly ways. Also, from time to time, I may need gear/tools/thingsssss for the creation of stuff. If you give 1 dollar or more, you turn into a tiny rainbow frog.




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About tentative stagename

Music, hmmm, well I love it, listening to as well as making it. It's good communication (or should be). In addition to music for piano, guitar, vocals, synth and keys, there's one thing I've been doing for some years now that lends itself mostly to online consumption:

PrimitiveNES. It's 8-bit music. But that's the least of what it is. It's from an era of wonder and need of adventure. A time of mystery and message. Literally playable on the Nintendo Entertainment System (and your phone/etc :). Download the .nsf files for the best experience! They will likely play on qmmp, rhythmbox, and many other programs.

A call to adventure. You heard it once, but I want you to hear it again. I hope you enjoy >_<

*All the songs I've linked to here are my own. Also, this is the best repository for PrimitiveNES.

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