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is creating creative non-fiction, poetry, contemporary fiction, & satire
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About Andrea Cladis

"As a writer you try to listen to what others aren't saying...and write about the silence." - N.R. Hart
I am on Patreon because I love art in all of its forms! I am not only seeking to build an audience for my own work, but also to support fellow creators! Art is the most empowering tool we have to connect our emotional experiences to broader meaning and important messaging in our world. Writing is the lifeblood of my soul and I can't live without it. Stories gives purpose to our existence and allow us to aptly situate ourselves within the effervescent and mysterious realms of this world.  

I believe that everyone has a story and no matter how meaningless it may appear, everyone and every story deserves to be told. That is why I write. It is something that eats away at me, leaving me frustrated and raw at times, but I am passionate about it because there is always a sense of fulfillment I gain from sharing my own experiences and exposing those of others. I want to create stories that evoke emotions and create reactions in readers.
As long as I can remember, I have been creating fictional stories. I used to sit in the bathroom every Saturday and Sunday when I was a child and tell elaborate stories to my younger sister about a special clan of rubber ducks that populated the small bathroom jointly shared by me and my other two siblings. There was hardly enough room for my varied rubber duck collection, but somehow every weekend and almost every day during the summer months, my sister would sit on the bathtub and I on a closed toilet and she would beg for stories. Hours quickly passed by as I relayed the adventures of my yellow-bellied friends to my adoring younger sister. In addition to the ducks, I was very fond of alligators and even owned a plastic pair of them. As with the ducks, the alligators in my life always had a story. However, their story ran concurrently with the story of my life. For example, if I was sharing a Sunday brunch with my family, “the alligators” were eating pancakes on the roof. No one ever saw them, but I believed in their existence and worthiness so much that my entire family, including my grandmother via telephone, asked me daily, “Hey, Andrea! What are the alligators doing today?” And surprisingly, I was never without a response. My imagination never failed me as a child and I refuse to let my age hinder my imagination now.

For every story that is told, I am conflicted by the reality that there is another hidden story waiting to be revealed. In response to concern about studying English and what future career I may have, one of my collegiate professors once verified, “The world needs its storytellers” because without stories, our society risks losing valuable facets of our culture and personal ideologies. My family considers me to be “the writer” and I find this to be a daunting task. But if no one preserves stories or passes traditions along, what will become of my family’s history? If a story is never told, it might as well not have happened at all. I will admit that I am fascinated by life in all respects. I am that curious girl sitting at the airport, pencil and journal in hand. I am the one - albeit creepy, perhaps...waiting, watching, observing. I have not encountered many other people like me that actually rejoice when their flight is cancelled or delayed.

Nevertheless, no matter how much time I spend living, observing or interacting with the world around me, writing is a challenge, or “a cognitive warp” of sorts. The ability to fabricate an entire story in a way that is both attractive and informative for an audience is not an easy task, but in the end, writing is well worth the laborious effort. To be a writer, it is important to find out who people really are. Just what is behind those big, brown eyes? And how do those big, brown eyes really see the world?

Finally, when it comes to poetry, it is my faith in God – my unwavering trust and belief in HIS glory -  that fundamentally defines my life, shapes my worldview, and miraculously explains my existence. For me, all poetry, regardless of genre, represents a form of spoken prayer. Poetry is the the call of a faithful heart that knows purpose through God and has abundant hope for the everlasting goodwill of all humanity. Through faith, I accept the gift of undeserved grace and in turn plant words as fertile seeds with which to share that grace with a fallen world.

Watching words dance on the page is one of the most enlightening experiences a writer can have and I want nothing more than to share in that experience with all of you!

Thank you in advance for your support!

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I would like to feature an interactive video series of "Midnight Mayhem Poetry Readings" three nights per week on this site. I will be reading from my own poetry as well as the iconic poetry of the masters! I hope this series will serve as a way to promote spoken word poetry, get patrons engaged with the written word in a new way, and hopefully ignite the fire for your own dramatic, poetic masterpieces!  
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