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We will never put episodes behind a pay gate, and we want all of the things that we do to be as accessible as possible. That said, if you want a sneak peek behind the scenes that NOBODY ELSE HAS, a dollar a month will get you there.
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At this level, not only do you get SUPER SPECIAL SECRET ACCESS to the inner workings of our show, but you also get a shout-out in the end segment. We'll thank you directly in each episode as a member of our production team. We'll also link to any cool stuff you're doing in the show notes. 
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At this level, you've pierced our inner sanctum. Not only do you get access to our behind the scenes content and a shout-out during the end segment of each podcast, you are invited to a private discord server where you can interact with the hosts any time. You will get to hear our future plans for the podcast, but upon purchasing this tier you must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement or Kevin Moan will add you to his existing lawsuit against our show. Also you'll get a pin. :)




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Hello! Thank you for supporting Terminus Media, the home of The Terminus Podcast with Trevor and Jeremy.

Who are you? 

Terminus Media is Trevor Hultner and Jeremy Riot, two longtime friends with some recording equipment, free hosting and goofy ideas about how to make the things we want to hear. Since July 2017, we've been putting out a podcast - The Terminus Podcast with Trevor and Jeremy - with almost perfect frequency every Sunday afternoon. Think "talk show" but without literally any other trappings of a talk show and much, much more cussing. And since July 2017, something in our brains shorted out and now we can't stop thinking up new ideas for stuff we want to make. Seriously, it's a problem.

Somebody help us.

Who am I?

You're a listener! Or a kitty. Or both. I don't care, I don't judge. But whether you've been tuning in since day one or this is the first day that you're giving us a shot, we thank you for your listenership from the bottom of our hearts. 

What is this? 

This is a Patreon page for Terminus Media. It's a place you can visit to get sneak peeks into new projects we're working on, and, if you're so inclined, support us with your monies! That part is completely optional, tho. This page doesn't replace our listing on Apple Podcasts, nor does it replace the feed on Anchor.FM, and nothing we release to the public will ever be gated behind a paywall. 

Why would I do that?

Well, that's the great thing: you don't have to! Terminus Media - and before that, the podcast - was started with the knowledge that Jeremy and Trevor would gladly volunteer their time to make this, and have no intention of stopping whether we get a penny or a billion dollars or nothing at all. But, ideally we would like to build our vision into something bigger and better. We are, of course, looking into tangible ways for you to support this lil shindig, like merch, but we believe there's value in independent media that makes things because we like making them, not because someone else has a checkbox to tick. If you think so too, consider throwing a dollar or two our way! We'll make it worth your while.

What are y'all doing?

Our full list of projects is as follows:

  • The Terminus Podcast, with Trevor and Jeremy - the flagship podcast
  • The Terminus Project - a weekly radio program running from 8 PM to 10 PM on renegaderadio.net by Jeremy Riot
We've got lots more ideas banging around in our brainpans. And we'd like to bring them to you!

So once again, thank you for making your way here and supporting us. Even just listening to our podcasts and radio shows means the entire world to us and we're happy that you got here. Take care of each other, baby birds - we are all we need in the end. We love you so.
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You gotta spend money to make money and sadly we all live in a late capitalist hellscape. With your help, if we can hit $25 a month, we can start producing merchandise! At this goal, which is very attainable, we can get some very good-ass pins designed by Nina Plaster out into the world. 
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