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About Termon Media

Welcome to our Patreon page! We started this page so that our listeners can pitch in on a more regular, monthly basis, and to help us devote more time to writing and podcasting.

Our primary outlet right now is our podcast, "By the Way." Our goal is eventually to begin finding and compiling the most noteworthy recent articles, podcasts, and videos to help busy Christians stay up to date on trustworthy content from trustworthy Christian leaders.

In the Christian communities of bygone days, folks who provided theological resources to their communities were often supported by patrons (generous people who set aside some resources to free others up to devote time to ministerial work). Think of the women who funded Christ’s ministry (Luke 8:1-3), or Phoebe, who was “a patron to many,” including Paul (Romans 16:2).

In those days, you had to be rich to be a patron. Not so anymore! Now, with our technological advances, it’s easier than ever to offer funding to someone, and Patreon is a service that allows you to do this at the level of your choosing and, in return, receive certain benefits that, hopefully, will be a worthwhile reward, such as access to our patron-only posts, behind-the-scenes videos, and a few bonus rewards on top of that (to be developed and improved as we go).

We hope you'll partner with us in this project!
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The support we receive through Patreon helps fund our podcasts, research, occasional blogs, and random calls and emails to those of you who have lots of questions!

With $250 per month, we would be able to host our own website/domain, more consistently put out regular content each month, and improve the quality of our podcasts and videos.
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