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NEWS: Terra Centauri Beta 0.5 is released!! Download below!

Hi fellow Patrons, and thank you for your interest in Terra Centauri: Last Stand!

Terra Centauri is an free open source video game combining two of my favorite things Anime, Science Fiction, and Real Time Strategy. I have been putting my all into this project, and I am very proud of my results.

Who Am I? I've been developing video games as a hobby for almost 14 years! While most were small personal game experiments, I soon found myself working on a massive RTS project, Annex: Conquer the World. There I worked alone for over three years for nothing more than comments and appreciation for the fans of the game, and I enjoyed every moment of it. This time I have even bigger aspirations and are looking for help in making it come true!

Project Idea
"Terra Centauri: Last Stand" is a single player real time strategy game, with some RPG elements. An ambitious project, the idea is to create a universe full of various playable races, lifeforms, vehicles, and locations. The Idea is that with continuous support from fans Terra can continue to grow and evolve.

In a lonely planet circulating a distant star, a war of survival rages on. There a sentient race, the Valkyries struggle to protect their world and themselves against the parasitic organisms Devourers. Explore large maps for resources, treasure, and other advantages to fight back the relentless horde of Devourers.

Terra: Centauri Last Stand Trailer:

What more would I like for Terra?

-Official Soundtrack
-Updates to Devourer models
-More Devourer types
-More neural and hostile inhabitants.
-New Environment types; underground caves, underwater arenas, space battles, alternative worlds, and even inside giant devourers.
-Environmental Hazards (tornadoes, thunderstorms, meteors,etc)
-Random in game side events; rescue Valkyries from a crash site, rebellions, giant devourer boss battles, etc.
-More Races to play as including the just announced XEM race:

-And much more!

Why do I need your help?
Terra Centauri has infiltrated every aspect of my life, as I finding my self working nearly every moment I can to make progress. However, It is difficult to put all the time and effort into such a large project when the bills keep piling up. While I do have a job but its simply not enough.

That's where you can come in. By supporting me you can help support bringing the universe of Terra Centauri to life!

How can I help?

Enter the amount on the top left and click the wonderful Become a Patron button. Depending on the amount you may be entitled to benefits/rewards (see below)! Keep in mind becoming a patron means having the amount you indicate given to me per expansion pack I create, not a one time fee. However though you are always free to stop at anytime, and you can even set maximum limits to prevent from spending too much. Remember this is not a requirement, Terra Centauri will be released free for everyone, however you have an opportunity to show your appreciation for the hard work I put into its development! The more patrons donate to the game the better the game will be!
Watch this video and see just how easy it is!
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NEWS: Terra Centauri Beta 0.5 is released!!
Downloads for Linux and Windows available at this post:

Patreon's who pledged $10 or more Please go to the EXTRA post! EXTRA Contains 3 bonus stages!


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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts