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Thank you for supporting my art, and helping me build a sustainable, controlled-by-me career! I am an artist, so I completely understand that $1 from someone like me (aka kinda low on cash most of the time) probably means as much if not more than $100 from someone with a lot of dough. You are making my day right now. You'll receive: access to the PATRON-ONLY FEED (where I post all the stuff I want to share publicly but don't want to share *publicly* and we discuss things like an old school message board circa 2005) + streaming of new music and videos (everything I post in that feed)
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Thank you!!!!! for helping to put form around the value of the art I create, and helping me spend more time creating it. You'll receive:  Everything at the $1 tier + streaming AND downloads of everything I release on that feed, whether song, video, whatever, emailed directly to you, so you can enjoy in your car, on your phone, all the places you can take your phone, like toilets and airplanes.
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You are awesome and I am grateful for your support. Thank you.  You'll receive: Everything from the $1 and $3 tiers + access to my Patron Lens a behind-the-scenes live broadcast of whatever happens to be going on in the moment. Check it out here: https://blog.patreon.com/lens/



About Terra Naomi

Hello Friends!!!

You made it! You're here! I'm here! We're all here together. 

If the above song left you smiling but still scratching your head, CLICK HERE for a great video explaining this whole thing in a non-musical format. (Unless you're scratching your head for some other reason, in which case I'm afraid I cannot help.)

The long and short of it: you create an account and Patreon charges your credit card once a month, for as little as $1/month (or whatever you choose to pledge), to support the music I create, and you receive music, blogs, photos, and other stuff from me, on an ongoing basis. It's kind of like Indiegogo, but instead of pledging and then waiting 2 years to receive an album, I'll send new music all the time! 

Patreon borrows from the word Patron, as in “Patron of the arts." It's like old school arts patronage + crowdfunding, but instead of one very wealthy patron commissioning my music, a bunch of people can chip in, for as little as $1/month. It makes so much sense to me, as an independent artist, because most of the world expects music to be free now, and while I love Spotify and all the other streaming platforms, I cannot continue to create new music if I receive $0.000001 every time someone listens to it. That's fine for artists with support from labels, but it's not sustainable for independent artists like me. 



I think I made the Patreon experience pretty clear in the video, but just in case: 

  • I create songs and videos (realistically, it will be between 1-4 each month, probably 2-3)
  • You pledge a certain dollar amount per release
  • If you like, you can set a monthly limit (don't worry, it's simple, you'll see how to do it when you sign up!)
  • I deliver the things I create directly to you (Immediately, instead of waiting the 1-3 years it takes to create another album)
  • You can participate as much/little as you like! I know some people just want to support, whereas others want to comment on every post and give a ton of feedback. It's all good, as far as I'm concerned! This experience is 100% customizable, from the monthly pledge to our ongoing communication. 


  • Professionally recorded live video of my show at 7 Stages in Atlanta
  • Hotel Cafe live album
  • Covers EP (including Wildflowers and Up To The Mountain!)
  • "Lost Songs" - an album of songs I never released, mixed by Robert Carranza at Jack Johnson's studio!
  • And there are other secret things I'm working on, like a musical, and a bunch of songs for film and TV...and I will share updates (and hopefully bits of music, too) with my patrons as soon as I can, even if I can't talk about this stuff with the rest of the world. Because everyone loves gossiping about secret things. 


You guys blew my mind with your support of my Indiegogo campaign. 600 people raised over $50,000 and I was able to record at Wilco's studio in Chicago, with an incredible, Grammy-winning producer and a bunch of excellent musicians. But more importantly, that experience inspired and motivated me to start making music full time again. I learned that there is support adn demand for my music, after being away from it for a few years. The emails and messages I'm receiving about the new album are blowing my mind. People are connecting with the songs, the words, the emotion....I remember what it feels like to reach people in this way, and that feeling keeps me going when I feel like saying "fuck it all."  Which happens. Because: human. 

Thank you for being here and reading this. If you have any questions at all, please send me an email: [email protected]. I will answer you directly and help however I can.

You can also check out Patreon's FAQ PAGE.

Thank you for everything you make possible in my life and thank you for believing in me.

Love always,
80 of 100 patrons
Once we reach 100 patrons, I'll write and record another special Patreon song for you; a follow-up to the song in my intro video!
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