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My mission is to bring about a new health and wellbeing paradigm that blends the best of our ancestral and intuitive knowledge into today's ways of living. Specifically, I will focus on six distinct elements of the human experience for complete healing:

- Breath.
- Ingestion.
- Sleep.
- Elimination.
- Movement.
- Thought.

I am inviting a sound, constructive reality that bears purity and integrity. In this new reality, our primary guides are purified instinct, intuition and the five senses.

I have architected a three-phase approach to manifest my vision.

Phase 1. Capability to perform continual, meaningful research that will rediscover lost pearls of ancestral knowledge and practices. Fully equipped studio and media center from which to share my findings. Self-published book that thoroughly and responsibly documents my discoveries. The style will be readable and simple. The book will be a living work that is updated as often as necessary with the latest information.

Phase 2. One of a kind garden that grows a variety edible and healing plants & roots to which our ancestors had access. Functional laboratory (more ancient than modern in expression) in which I create elixirs, balms and recipes that replicate the very best of our ancestral practices. Online store with same day and/or next day delivery of products ranging from optimal sleeping hammocks to the finest healing tree barks.

Phase 3. Down the road, my upcoming reality is to create a natural and expansive community in which to live and evolve for all those that share my vision. The community will focus mainly on relearning how to be one with nature, how to share, how to love unconditionally and how to heal.

My vision is to focus on the individuals that are thirsty to learn, including the youth and creating a one-of-a-kind learning center where those eager to share and teach will have the opportunity to spread their wisdom and expand their unconditional love. Through meaningful, sensitive sharing and teaching, I would like to implement a community structure that is able to give birth to new generations that are pure and in touch with their innate and untouched being. Learning and teaching will be the flagship theme of our community and everyone with an open heart and mind is welcome to join me in this mission so they can learn as well as teach.

We will welcome and give special attention to the elderly (70 years of age +) because they hold the untampered sacred knowledge that we need, especially those born in third world countries (disadvantaged countries) where healing was based on ancestral knowledge and allopathy was totally unaffordable. Today, we are slowly growing to realize that antibiotics are the worst healing pathways to simple losses of bacteria equilibria. It is our duty to become one with our bacteria instead of killing them.

With your help, this reality will take place on this Earth and a new sun will arise in our planet. I thank you in advance for your trust, for being a visionary like me and for allowing a new reality to be created out of nothingness.
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I want to buy the necessary equipment to setup a kitchen so I can bring you at least 1 or 2 original and healthy high fat low carb recipes on a steady basis. I need to setup a range, oven, buy pots and pans, and set it all up in a way that you can see me and see the cooking at the same time. Right now I am not setup for that, so my ability to bring you recipes is very limited.
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