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  • Get a super special role on our Discord and the supporter badges on our forums.
  • You will also get a special "Early Supporter" badge if you pledge before the official launch.
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  • Everything included in the previous tier and...
  • Get the regular supporter plus a "Sponsor" badge.
  • Get access to our special sponsor-only forum category.
  • Once the server is live, you will get a special donator-only chat icon near your OOC messages.

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  • Get super special nickname colors in Discord, on our forums and eventually in-game.
  • Get access to using Emojis in OOC chats in-game.
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About TeslaCloud

Who are you?

We are TeslaCloud Studios. We are a small organization focused on creating engaging and exciting game experiences in Garry's Mod. We were founded in summer of 2013 and have been working on all kinds of projects since then!

Come talk to us!

What are you creating?

We are currently actively developing our very own free and open-source Garry's Mod gamemode framework, Flux, and Half-Life 2 Roleplay gamemode based on it. Our goal is to create a game experience that can be enjoyed by you and that would keep you excited for days!

What do you need the money for?

Running TeslaCloud is, unfortunately, not free. Our administrators pay for all of the expenses related to running the organization out of their own pocket. Server costs, domain costs, various other incidental costs, are all covered out of our own pockets, without getting anything in return. The Patreon is for those that wish to help us and offload some of the costs from the admin team, to keep the organization afloat without depending on the pockets of a few people, and perhaps even to allow us to look into certain money-limited upgrade opportunities.

All of the proceeds go into the costs related to running the organization. Anything extra that may be gained will be reserved for paying for servers in the next month, or paying our content creation team, or maybe even hiring new developers into our development team. The organization is not operated to generate profit, in the event of high patronage, anything extra that we gain will be funneled directly back into the community and organization.

Why would I want to support you?

In the event you decide to support us, you will get some unique and cool things on our forums, Discord server and in-game on every single Flux server! The perks vary depending on which tier you choose, but in general, anyone who becomes a Patreon supporter before the launch of our server will get a unique Early Supporter flair and role, as well as an icon in-game.
Check each individual tier out for more information about the rewards!

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* Platinum Tier HL2RP reward:
You will get access to our cutting-edge version of the HL2RP schema that we ourselves use, and will be able to see the development progress. Your access to the repository will be revoked in the event of membership cancellation, unless your lifetime support amount is over $100, in which case you get to have access indefinitely. All Patreon sponsors in this tier will get access to the store version of HL2RP as soon as it is live if their lifetime support amount is $40 or more.

$105 of $200 per month
If this amount is reached, we will upgrade our main server to a much faster one. This will increase the performance of our services overall, especially the game server itself.
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