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About Tess Cooks4u

Hello my foodies! My name is Tess and I am a home cook that loves food, cooking and creating in the kitchen.

I learned to cook early on from my family and have always retained a  passion for food and creating recipes. My father was a master gardener and we always had fresh produce. We did a lot of cooking and I have great memories in the kitchen.

My recipes are mainly made with fresh and common ingredients found  in most households. I buy alot of my produce from local farmers. I try very hard to keep my video recipes short, to the point and  very easy to follow. I make a wide range of video recipes from comfort meals to different cuisines like Asian, Mexican, Thai, Greek and much more.

I put a lot of work into cooking and making video recipes. They can be very time consuming and costly. I need to maintain the quality of the videos by buying cameras, kitchen equipment and the food ingredients to show you how to make different meals and dishes.

Your pledge will help with all costs involved in making better videos for your  learning and enjoyment.
My heartfelt gratitude. I am very grateful for your generous help.
Much Love! Tess

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