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Hello! My name is Thales Storino, and i'm a musician since 2003. Making music videos for YouTube has been a passion since 2008, when i uploaded my first video. I always wanted to work with music, and that's why I started my YouTube channel. It took almost 10 years to finally have a video with a good number of views (All guitar hero 2 songs), and this has been a "light at the end of the tunnel" for me. Since then, I started to pay much more attention to audio and video quality, trying to get better on it every day. 

More quality means spending more time and money, so I can only continue doing this if I have enough financial backing! If you like my job, you can support me by donating a set amount per month, helping me pay for have better quality gear, and with so, much more better quality videos ;)

If you become my patron, I can offer you things like:

*having your name or one social media link attached to my videos
*Making a video about a theme you ask
*Q/A sessions only with you
*Your messages responded with the highest priority

I will be updating the list according to my channel's growth.
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