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This person is a starter and he would be a great charmander.
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He has evoluted and he is now a charmeleon.
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He is the most powerful on this creatures however...




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About Thalia Poesy

Hey everyone,
Im a poet at that's also the website where you can mainly see my work so i would appreaciate if you go check it out i do Portuguese/English Poems, I also have a twitter whis the link is I do share somethings there so you can also go there and follow thank you for your time and have a great day!
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I have to get 65 Euros to buy a printer so i can start printing some of my works for conventions i would be really pleased if u guys can help out with this i also grant acess to discord for who's 5$ patreon and a poem based on a image on your choice so go ahead and try it :D the 1$ will get acess to discord.
Im just a teenager so i really cant ask my parents for a printer right now because of the situation we are going trough..
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