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Thank you for the support! every little bit helps. At this tier you get:
  • Basic content updates, like WIPs for videos and drawings.
  • Your name immortalized in the credits of my YouTube videos.
  • My eternal gratitude. A very valuable thing.
  • A small personal doodle every month.
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Whoa! In this tier, you get all the previous rewards, as well as:
  • High quality PNGs of my illustrations, as well as PDF files so you can play with all those fancy layers.
  • A high quality PNG of a Patron Exclusive monthly illustration, as well as the ability to suggest or vote on a theme for said drawing. 
Big Bunny
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Unbelievable! In this tier, you get all the previous rewards, as well as:
  • Patron exclusive live streams! See me work in real time, along with some fun Q&A stuff.
  • A special mention in the credits of my YouTube videos. You'll get to hear your name on my sultry voice. Oh, baby.




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Who are you?

I'm Demi. I'm an illustrator based in Texas, I draw lots of cute girls and post them on the internet. I've been drawing for years, but only taking it very seriously in recent years. I've started testing the waters of making comics, because I've always loved creating worlds and narratives. A few years back, I started writing a book, now titled 'Divine Rush!'. I've started expanding on the idea as a webcomic, and I hope to start publishing it myself very soon.

What's that comic about, anyways?

Divine Rush is a comic about an elf named Devi who grew up in orphanage...At the bottom of the sea. Obviously, it's very hard for an elf to fit in among a school of mermaids. Eventually she's washed up on land and settles in with a new family, but her past and mysterious origins begin to catch up with her as she tries to figure out who and what she really is.

It's a coming of age story, inspired by narratives like Avatar: The Last Airbender, Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Miss Marvel (2015), and lots of magical girl manga. I'm also very inspired by video games when developing and designing the world the comic takes place in. 

Divine Rush! is a PG-13 comic with the aim to be inclusive, sincere, and positive.

Why do you need my money though?

Well, money will help this comic come out sooner than later! Regardless of funding, I'll be working on it, but the time I spend doing other things for money cuts into the time I spend working on the comic. Sadly, I'm not an alien robot comic machine and I do need to eat food every once in a while. I'll also have more time to work towards my other passions, like making art videos on youtube, other personal illustrations, etc. 

Fair enough, but what's in it for me?

Those fancy tier lists give you the rundown on what I have to offer for your generosity! Overall though the ultimate reward is a faster and consistent release schedule for my comic, more illustrations, more YouTube videos...Every bit that you give will go back into making things for you!

[under construction]
$0 of $150 per month
If we reach this goal, I would have the funding to start considering selling physical merchandise! Things like buttons, keychains, stickers and such. These would also be available as rewards for higher tier Patrons!
I'd also make a celebration video, featuring you all!
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