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About That Retro Video Gamer

I am Chris, That Retro Video Gamer and I love collecting vintage hardware and software (and a completionist of a few systems), enjoying all levels of gaming, assisting content creators and loving blogging the latest news in the retro world to you guys every day of the week for you...but I want to do more!

For only a few dollars you can help me dedicate more time to making awesome reviews, cover the big retro events and bring them direct to you, as well as producing new video content for my subscribers and in the near future get some additional fun perks for you! 

Obviously I would love to dedicate more time to doing this, but lets not run before we can walk. I'll keep making amazing daily content and if you wish to support and build up That Retro Video Gamer then I'll ensure you'll really get additional value for money. Including member only content, perhaps videos, and perks!

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