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           A free podcast featuring a doctor, social worker and professional radio guy?
                                                                          Thats us!!

First of all, thank you for even lending us a few seconds of your time.  
The podcasting community as a whole, thanks you!!

We are a show featuring a doctor, social worker, and radio guy, all in our mid 30's, all parents, and all with something to offer.  We have a passion for social justice, equal rights, mental health, current events..and yes, we also sprinkle in some politics.

This is a passion project for us that started with zero budget, and still has zero budget.  If we are being 100% honest, as of right now, if you decide to be a contributor, we do not have any fancy, flashy bonus material, or cool T-shirts, or awesome stickers....YET!!
That is one of our first goals though!!

So, if you decide that we are a project you're willing to get behind, please know that extras like that are not far off in the future; for now though (and with the right support, for now wont last too long) please know that we simply sincerely appreciate it, and are more than delighted to give you a shout out on our episodes, recognize you, and thank you profusely!  

Whether it is a penny, a dollar, or a hundred dollars (what?  people do $100.. be bold.. just do it)
no matter the amount, we appreciate the support and love, and we promise, we won't let you down.
$43 of $300 per month
At about $300, we can start to get product to send out to members.  We aren't greedy, and we are well aware that we will not become thousandairs in doing this, but we love what we do, and just want to make enough to share our appreciation with you!
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