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About Teri Litorco

Thanks for being such a great supporter of my content and checking out my Patreon page. I want you to be my boss.

While I love making raw vlogs and doing paint & prattle hangouts, the kinds of videos I really love making are the ones that show people how awesome games and hobbying can be. Those videos tend to require more production and editing, and as a result, more time to make. For example: the video tutorial painting the Zombicide Fatty (which is about six minutes long) took about 10 hours of production and editing time.

Supporting me on Patreon means helping me get the time I need to make the videos that require more time: ones where I teach people cool things like painting techniques or how to play an awesome new game. 

As I move through my goals, the more content I can create. From tutorials, let's plays/battle reports, game previews/overviews and even the occasional interview, I want to make content that is cool and interesting for you. 
$60 of $100 per month
At this level of support, I'll be able to create one highly produced vlog or tutorial video every month, setting aside the hours to script, film and edit a high-quality tutorial, game overview, or similarly produced content.

This video is in addition to the lighter casual content (like the raw vlogs or live unboxings) that show up on my channel from time to time.
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