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Hey guys! New to Youtube, in the past I had many attempts at it but I just wasn't ready. Now I am. I have a passion for entertaining, designing, gaming, and creative content to make people smile. I will always have a passion for Fortnite, and I realized with all of the former stated passions that I was kind of onto something. I would love to create ALL types of content, I am extremely motivated and passionate about being funny and entertaining people. I want to learn Adobe Photoshop skills, learn iMovie editing skills, but first I would need to buy these programs and they are EXPENSIVE!!! Showing support will enable me to kick start this career and passion of mine, and I could not even explain how thankful I would be for my fan-base if they were to help me do so!
As a full time student with thousands of dollars in student loans, it is hard to commit so much time to something that is so entertaining to me but might not be the greatest use of my time, so I started this. I have the potential to become a Fortnite great, I just need the support and love! 
I am also super open to criticism, feedback, and possibly adding and changing my content or style. I am here for you guys, and that means I have to listen to what you want. I hope this journey starts soon, and I hope it lasts me throughout my whole lifetime.

Thank you guys, and I hope to see more and more people join me on this journey.
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