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Who is The 8 Bit Ninja
Hello! I am Asher, or The 8-Bit Ninja as I have come to be known. I have been creating YouTube videos since the beginning of 2011. Creating has always been a great passion of mine ever since I was a kid. I grew up in music theater performing all of my life. Recently I have become a full-time YouTuber and that is just amazing. I am very dedicated to bringing you guys the best content that I possibly can. You guys made my dream possible and I'll never forget that. 

So Why Patreon?
Being a full-time content creator on YouTube is a very tricky job. Our entire livelihood relies on so many factors that it's hard for us to ever feel secure financially. We have to play certain games in very quick succession to stay afloat. This means that we don't get to be nearly as creative as we would like. Having a more secure way of making money would relieve a lot of stress off of us and we could do much more for the channel. Be that traveling the world and documenting it, doing long-form let's plays of games that we are dying to play and you'll love, bringing more people on the team to create higher quality content, etc. We would love to do all of this and with your help we can!

One More Thing!
Please know that it is not required to support us on Patreon. Your support of watching our videos, joining us for livestreams, and hanging out with our community means the world to us and there is so way we could expect more from you guys. This is just for people who would like to go the extra step in supporting the channel. Give a little, give a lot, or none at all. We seriously love you all for helping us achieve our dreams.

$14 of $1,500 per month
This goal will help us fund the more creative projects we would like to do with the channel. This includes a dream of mine to travel the world and see the places that you can only find in one place while documenting it all! 
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