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is creating Terrestrial Radio Antennas, Maker videos.
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Ridin' ShotGun: New Maker videos + 1st in line to purchase!
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See how we started from scratch to manufacture our new antennas- + get the latest news on "The Radio Hunters":
people in the field, putting the SCT-100 through hard knocks, forest terrain, and radio noise from strange places.
  • manufacturing ,behind-the-scenes info.
  • Only 200 interested people can get this- between now and September 30th,  2017
  • Reserves your place in line to purchase a great new antenna! This becomes important as demand grows for the product. Many people will be in a hurry to have the gear for the August eclipse. The SCT-100 can hear Solar noise! There's NO obligation to buy, you can when you are ready- That's why it's "Ridin' ShotGun" .Thank you for the support. I hope you join us soon- Edward
Instruction Manual in the Snail Mail
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  • Step number 1: Get the Instruction Manual in YOUR hands.
    This is a printed manual of 12 + pages, introduces you to the new SpiralCone Armored Helix Antenna. It must be mailed to your address, POBox, friends house- any where in the CONUS- so you can start your NOTEBOOK. (3-ring type)
    This is not just a new product- it's an interactive experience!
  • See if you want to be an antenna owner- is this for you ? 
  • Fun way to be a student in a developing technology.
Pistol Grips, old style custom.Free conus post
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  • This is monthly, so you get continuous bennies!
  • Decipher the tweets daily on, you can win prizes, certificates, and freebies! Abbreviations, olde English, made-up words-can you out-smart the professor?
  • Get one of the original plywood cut pistol grips, I only have 
1-Alien Green painted 1 piece grip.
1- Pink painted 1 piece pistol grip.
1- 1 purple painted 1 piece pistol grip
assorted others, 1st come, 1st served.
See the photo of the green one on page.
All the new grips are 2 piece, with hardware, and mostly black.These are solid, hand made, hold a SpiralCone antenna firmly, for pointing, aiming, belt hanging.




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About The Radio Hunters

The SCT-100 Armored Antenna.
It is a multi-band Radio Antenna, useful from 100 MHZ to 800 MHZ.
It can be used for HDTV signals, Marine radios, GMRS Talkies, FM signals.
I am an Amateur Radio Operator, KI7VLF, so I optimized the unit for use
on 144MHZ, 220 MHZ, and 420 MHZ.
Short Wave people like it, too, as a portable indoor antenna.
It will function as a Wi-Fi antenna, indoors and out.
I think the instruction manual explains it the best,
so the first step is getting your own manual.
We will be posting MAKER videos. Your support will help us:
  • Buy more advanced equipment for manufacturing.
  • Get Maker videos and photos posted.
  • Updates on what the Radio Hunters Group is up to.
IOU, NO-commitment support !
 If you cannot be a Patron right now, just send us a Letter to:
Radio Hunters, PO Box 5436, Salem,Oregon.97304.
Its only a stamp! If you are a student, grade 6 to college, we will
send you a free manual.
If  you are considering owning one of these new antennas,see the $19.00 level for an EASY 6 month Layaway plan!
Go to @Radio_Hunters on Twitter, let us know of your interest.
  Thanks Again!
$0 of $200 per null
  • Step number 1: Get the Instruction Manual in YOUR hands.
I want to send out 100 manuals, $2.00 a person. 
  • This is a printed manual of 12 + pages, introduces you to the new SpiralCone Armored Helix Antenna. It must be mailed to your address, PO Box, friends house- any where in the CONUS.
  • Start your NOTEBOOK. (3-ring type) This is a new product- and, an interactive experience, something new to learn! You can earn awards, put them in your notebook.
  • Beta-Testers can get an antenna early. YOU can be a Beta-Tester! if you have any electronics experience, radio user, DXer, HAM op, experimenter, SWL. Write us, please.
  • Retail Antennas will be shipping end-of-month-sorta,-1st -week in August. Read the IM to see if you want one.
Thank you for reading all this, and putting up with snail-mail!
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