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Have you ever wondered why things are so taboo in society? I know I have. I've always loved the occult. Magic and psychic phenomenon always intrigued me. I learned Tarot from my mother. I took it a step further when I took the steps to become the Tarot Kitten. I would love to help others get over their fear of Tarot being something evil or wicked or even taboo.
At the same time I can't just be the Tarot Kitten. I am way to crafty for that. Crafty as in crafts not as in sly or sneaky. I love to crochet, I love to write, I love doing cross stitch. So I thought to myself what if I found a way to do them all? Is it a lot of work? Yes. Is it worth my time? Yes. Would I love to help other people? Yes!
So why not join me? My interests are varied. My talent with the cards is well creepy accurate I've been told. So let me help you on your journey while you can help me out on mine. 
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We've been putting some effort in. I'll start work on teaching Tarot. 
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