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is creating books, prints, zines, etc.
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As a patron you will be helping to bring my projects to physical life. I am about to start printing and publishing more from home. Donations will go towards the purchasing of responsibly sourced, high quality materials.
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As a member of the moon underground club you shall be helping to support the moon underground while also receiving: 

  • a December package containing the range of printed things that I have produced during the year
  • "the moon underground "welcome to the club" club membership megapack" (new members)
  • a thank you postcard (returning members)




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About the moon underground

Hello. the moon underground is a producer of books, prints, and zines. These are based around the core practice of creating infomative guides to interesting things. Have a look at website to get a rough idea, or just go straight to signing up for newsletter ~ sublunary deliverer ~ where the substantive content can be found.

I have this patreon going to help cover some of my artistic expenses:

  • materials and print costs
  • paying for tables at events

and maybe someday it'll generate a little income.

I've created a couple of tiers. There's a simple donation one and a rewards one ~ the moon underground club ~ where in December club members shall receive an entire year's worth of moon underground printed creative output. Have a look and see if you fancy signing up.

Thank you!
$31 of $50 per month
the materials fund - this will cover my additional material costs such as inks and pen nibs.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post