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Hello there potential Patron!
Welcome to my patreon page.
Back in the ancient era, quick communication was something that only the rich or the state could afford. Today, the internet has enabled each and every single person on this planet to communicate with each other at the blink of an eye!

Today I am using the internet as a tool to broadcast my views and opinion about various issues. My blog has been functioning for many years. Though was established on 11th October 2018, it used to exist under a different domain ( and was setup 3 years ago. Many of the articles were posted under that domain name. But with continuous support from readers around the world, was finally registered.  

My viewership has been consistently increasing over the years. As of now my website is receiving 1.2k views a month! (That is the same number of views I got in 2016 entirely)

Publishing this content requires a lot of resources. Especially keeping this website up and running. I receive revenue from advertisements. But you, the reader can help me out by donating for the content you love! This will go a long way for the sustenance and development of the website.

Right now I do not offer additional services for donating to the website, but I plan to do so in the future. Donating right now could help this website a lot. Buy me a drink!
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This level of earning will allow me to sustain my website. It will take care of my server payments!!
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