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[ tl;dr]

Hi! I'm a writer. Putting words onto paper - digital or analogue - is what I do every day. 

I blog, write poetry, and have several novels and longer works that I'm going to self-publish. Unless, of course, one of the big houses finds my work, loves it, and makes me a deal that I can't refuse (without all the mess of horse head bedmates and late night visits, ideally).

On my blogs I write multi-part critiques of video games and books (Going Box by Box), translate the Old English epic Beowulf (A Blogger's Beowulf), and write poetry and movie reviews (A Glass Darkly). Outside of my blogs, I write and short science fiction and pseudo-literary and heroic fantasy novels.

I hold a master's degree in English and so I'm well-versed in the rules of fiction and non-fiction writing. I follow these rules. And I break these rules. My aim to is to do both in ways that people find new and compelling. 

But knowing about these rules and all of the theories that people have come up with about how and why they work doesn't pay the bills. This is where great patrons such as yourself come in. As contributors to this Patreon campaign you will be giving me the most valuable resource of all: time. 

The more successful this Patreon campaign is, the more time I can spend working on my writing rather than a day job. In a way, this campaign is kind of like an advance that you, my readers, are paying me instead of a publisher.   

So. As a patron, what will you be supporting?


I've been updating my video game and book blog  Going Box By Box (home of multi-part book and video game critiques) almost every day since I started it back in January of 2012. Currently I'm updating this blog a little less often as I establish myself as a freelance editor. Thankfully, though, I've been able to keep up with frequent updates of my Beowulf blog A Blogger's Beowulf despite this professional transition.

These blogging activities are my primary writing activity. They're the practice that I engage in to keep my basic writing skills sharp and to maintain a writing discipline. As a patron you'll help to ensure that I can continue my regular practice. 

But what's all of this practice even for? Well, it's meant to help me better my writing so that I can make my fiction and poetry as good as it can be so that I can create some truly valuable ebooks.


As a supporter of my Patreon campaign you'll also be supporting my efforts to turn the poetry, short stories, and novels I have (and have ideas for) into ebooks.

Short story and poetry collections that I release as ebooks will be published all at once. I'll gather up 10-15 poems or seven to 10 short stories, format them as epubs and publish them. Right now I'm planning on releasing my novels in a different sort of way.

The current plan is to serialize my novels (release them in several instalments of at least 10,000 words each). My thinking is that I can release them faster in these smaller pieces (whether I or someone else edits them) and that I can use reader feedback to improve my novels. After I've released all of the pieces of a novel I intend to use readers' suggestions and critiques to make its complete edition the best it can be.

Of course, as a patron you'll get some pretty swank deals on all of these ebooks. I'm planning on selling them through Kobo, Amazon, and via my blogs. 

The first of these ebooks will be a novel called Heading East, Looking West.

Heading East, Looking West

Heading East, Looking West, is an ex-pat novel about a twenty-something who leaves his ho-hum life in Canada to teach English in South Korea. It's definitely inspired by my own experience teaching in South Korea, but is also definitely a fictional account. 

I plan to sell each serialized part of Heading East, Looking West for $2. There will be five parts. The complete novel will sell for $7.

Poetry Collections

Following that novel, I'll be releasing some poetry collections. These collections will consist of 10 to 15 poems gathered around a particular theme. They'll sell for $7, but I will definitely make them available for less for Patrons.  

Similar to these collections are two epic poems that I have drafted and waiting for editing. One is about a night in the life of a dishwasher, and the other is about the education and training of mythological and folkloric creatures. I will release these two pieces in their entirety and they I'll likely sell them for $10  or less. 

Short Story Collections

The deal here will be similar to my poetry collections. I'll gather together a handful of short stories (none running longer than 10,000 words) and sell each collection for $10. Again, Patrons will get some sweet deals on these. 

-Novels (aka the Grand Fantastical Scheme)-

As a lad I grew up reading fantasy and science fiction novels and playing video games. Somehow, The Lord of The Rings and The Golden Compass didn't leave as much of an impression on me as Super NES RPGs did, however. In particular, playing a game called Tales of Phantasia helped me to realize that I wanted to create my own extensive worlds, my own memorable characters, and my own intricate stories. (It also inspired me to use RPG Maker to create my own RPGs, but that's not what this campaign is about.)

As such, my ambition is to create a fantasy series that covers a whole world and that world's history - from its earliest days until its end.  Writing this series is my ultimate goal. 

Already I have most of the starting point for this universe (a five-book series about the rebirth of the world) written. But it needs extensive work to become a unified and fully coherent whole. Once this campaign surpasses the $1500 mark I'll have the financial stability needed to seriously start into this extensive work. 


In short, if you choose to support my campaign, you'll be giving me the gift of time. You'll also be helping me to fulfil my lifelong dream of being a writer and of bringing ripping yarns to as many people as possible. I'll be doing this with blogs, poetry, short stories, and novels.

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