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I’m creating The WorkNotWork Show to tell the stories of those who have turned their life’s passion into their profession. Each episode consists of a long form interview with a great guest who has an exciting and interesting career and then traces the full arc of their remarkable life so far.

Ever wonder what it’s like being a drone pilot? How about a world class decathlete,  best-selling authorrecord-setting astronaut or automotive writer? My guests so far have lived or are living those dream careers. Future guests include a successful Hollywood actor, a filmmaker, an artisan coffee merchant, an aeronautical engineer, a pioneering medical researcher and even someone who designed and built his own plane and flew it across the Atlantic.

The seed for The WorkNotWork Show was sown 35 years ago over a casual lunch with a cardiologist I knew back then. In that one lunch — in fact, in one sentence — he told me everything I really needed to know about having a truly fulfilling professional life. His answer as to why he chose cardiology was simple and elegant: he couldn’t remember wanting to be anything else. On how to choose a career, it was The Best Answer Ever.

As I hit an inflection point in my own career I thought about all the things I had dreamed about doing at one time or another in my life. I resolved to find people who could tell me if they were still viable options. Quite simply, I found the stories I was hearing absolutely fascinating. The common thread is that these people knew very early what they wanted to do and then had the courage to pursue it, in many cases against impossible odds, and find success in the end.

I then realized I had found what I really wanted to do: to help tell the stories of those who have had amazing professional success in exciting careers and to be inspired by them. In doing so, I hope to not only entertain but also provide insight, inspiration and motivation to pursue the work you truly love. If you do, you may find it’s not really work at all.

I hope that you will take the time to listen to an episode or two.  I also hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoy making them. If you do, I would be honoured if you would consider become a Founding Patron for The WorkNotWork Show -- it's the best way to ensure these stories continue to be found and told. Thank you — so much — for your interest and support, and I look forward to having you as a listener.

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