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Supporters of Adequacy in our Lifetime receive:  Audio credit at the end of each Podcast and each video over 3 minutes I make moving forward.
As we develop this further, Supporters of Adequacy may also gain access to content I don't just put out there in front of EVERYBODY... and sneak previews of stuff I'm working on via this here Patreon Page. 

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Arguably the cheapest commercial budget EVER for a niche market like the audience of this eclectic Podcast

for $2 a month,  you, your service, your store, your WHATEVER gets:

* a 15-30 second commercial on the Adequate Podcast.  

* You can provide the script or send me an audio file, and it goes in each and every Podcast

* you can specify "near the front", " in the middle", or "near the end"

* And a snazzy "SPONSOR OF ADEQUACY" PDF format graphic to print our and hang in our establishment, slap onto your website, or what have you

What a bargain! 

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You like me! You really like me!

Patrons of Adequacy get the stuff at the "Supporter" level PLUS

* Your very own PATRON OF ADEQUACY Button!

* "DJ of the Week" status - you can tell me what you want me to play for the Musical Interlude (and, if you want, record an intro for the song via either the Anchor app or through our Adequacy Hotline)  This will go in rotation among our Patrons of Adequacy so three folks can play DJ each month.

* "Hey, Matthew, tell me about..." - Want to hear me babble about something?  You can ask me to babble about that something once a month and... I'll do just that!  Custom content with YOUR name on it! 

* An ebook copy of ARTISANAL GIBBERISH in PDF format (other formats may become available as we go) 




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About Tobias the Adequate

Welcome to the Adequate Patreon Page!

We've retooled with new support levels, goals, and incentives while bravely staggering forward with "THE ADEQUATE PODCAST", currently available on the following platforms: 

This podcast happens once a week - usually on Thursdays - and is bashed together by myself and Shado of Carpe Diem Comics ( in McKinney, Texas, with occasional cameos by other folks in my social sphere (and by YOU if you choose the appropriate Patron level!) 

I cordially invite you to like the Adequate Podcast Facebook Page ( for random things in regard to said Pod of Adequacy as we move forward.
$6 of $100 per month
If we hit this goal, I will:
  • Splash out for better sound and audio equipment (all the stuff I have is kind of "last decade")
  • Invest in a more robust video editing system (see "sound and audio")
  • Crank out better videos with better lighting, exposure and production values. The quality of the performer may not improve
  • Make a special patrons-only video product once a month - in which I'll probably risk life, limb, and dignity moreso than usual. 
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