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Anyone else hate the term 'merch' ?
I can't stand it..
All the above, plus a digital art download and a pair of signed socks.

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All of the above and I'll send you a different signed print of any artwork created that month.

About TheAdjusted

I am a 72 year old teenager from the Cotswolds in New York.
I am making music, creating art and changing form constantly to maintain my anonymity.

I've always experienced the world and particularly people differently, and am striving to capture how I feel it in my art.
I'm giving people the chance to buy my Synesthesia inspired Artworks.

I'm doing this in order to create my increasingly ambitious music video ideas for the songs I have written.

Thanks for your time
The Adjusted

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When I reach this amount I'm going to make a new song, mask and video.

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