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About The Adventures of Island Girl

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to finally say enough? Enough of other people's expectations. Enough of what society says you should be doing. Enough of living a lie that was slowly killing you inside.

I wondered for a long time. Then I did something about it. 


In 2011, I left behind an established life in the States amid total mental confusion and a failing marriage to embark on what was going to be a temporary journey to figure shit out. I packed my bags, grabbed my Corgi, and headed far, far south, to a tiny Caribbean island in the middle of nowhere.

I did figure things out. Which was really great!

But something else unexpected happened along the way. I discovered that other people found my journey brave and inspiring. Totally unexpected. Yet I continue to meet people who tell me they are taking steps to improve their situations because they read my blog or met me and heard my story. Humbling, totally humbling.


And that's where I am today. What started as a fun blog to keep my family and friends (the ones who still spoke to me, anyway) back home updated, has morphed into a website that delivers humor and inspiration about all the good things that can happen when you take a chance, make a change, and live a life you love.

For laughs, I also shine a light on what life is really like living on a tiny rock in the middle of the sea. No, it's not exactly like the images from the tourism bureau. Not even close. It is bizarre and sometimes hard to explain, but it's always an adventure.


My blog project has been so successful that it has turned into a nearly full-time job. Which I love, but can't keep doing alone. Literally or figuratively. As the site grows, so do the expenses related to it - from web hosting fees to the time it takes to craft posts and other creative elements. 

I also want to keep growing the site, so I can reach even more people - people who need a little inspo to take that first step towards living a rich, fulfilling, and satisfying life. But growing takes time - and money - which is where patrons come in.


Why Patreon instead of selling ads on my website? I think ads really detract from any website user experience. How about affiliate marketing? Nope, just not my jam. I want people to love visiting the site without ever feeling like they're being sold something. Or obligated to buy something.

Instead, if there are people out there who like my content and want to support my creative endeavor, becoming a Patron seems like the most logical - and least intrusive - way to show their support. Plus, I can offer Patrons something extra, something you wouldn't get by looking at annoying ads or links that promise me a tiny commission.


When you become a Patron, you automatically become part of an exclusive subset of the Island Girl tribe. You help to get more great content produced and inspire more people. You get to feel good and have fun along the way.

Whether it's just $1 a month or something more, every little bit helps keep The Adventures of Island Girl growing. And you get good karma points plus my undying gratitude, too.

Much love,
Island Girl Liz