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Here are some things about me. 

I'm a human person. (Probably.) 

Right now I live in Eastern Tennessee, in the mountains (surprisingly not among wolves) where I wander in said mountains and barista up a storm in my spare time. 

I love story. The messier and louder and more honest the better. (also, spaceships. I'm into those.)

I like to make a mess. 

I've made a lot of messes. 

I wrote, co-produced, and directed BRIGHT EYES, a sci-fi audio drama about teenagers and spaceships and goopy aliens and missing boyfriends and being thrust into the world and expected to figure it all out. 

I've written a historical-ish thriller novella, THEIR BLOOD BE LAID, all about family and blood curses and the mob and nosy reporters who involve themselves a little too much. 

I've written novels in every vaguely weird genre I could think of -- every -punk I could name (or not name), sci-fi, heists involving spaceships, and Norwegian sci-fi thrillers. If it's strange, a bit out of this world, and full of heart, I've either thought about writing it or I've read it somewhere. If you're here, it's probably because you know me on Twitter, which is where I go to talk about things like mental health or movies or my bad food opinions or weird customers I get at work. 

I do a lot of collaboration with the people I love! People make artistic projects better, and my cold little extrovert soul is happiest when she's working with friends and creating something so much more wonderful than I ever could have made by myself.

This summer I'm working on a short film. 

These are some things you'll find in it, in no particular order: 

  • the search for aliens
  • a group of best-girl-friends
  • glitter 
  • running through the woods 
  • sleepovers 
  • did I mention aliens

I'm making it with some of my favorite people in the whole world, and I want to make it right! It's not a huge-budget affair, but it's going to involve some things I don't yet have, like better sound equipment and some new camera lenses. If you've enjoyed things I've done in the past, like my novella or the Bright Eyes Podcast or maybe just my Twitter opinions, and you'd like to see more of the cool/weird/fun things I've done and plan on doing soon....I have the page for you. Everything I make on here will go towards said short-film, and once we're past that, whatever my next Big Project(tm) may be. You'll be part of it and get updates the whole way!

If you want to throw some money my way, I can give you lots more than short film stuff! (You'll see plenty of that, too.) You'll get access to the sci-fi short story adaptions I've written of my favorite Shakespeare plays, an ongoing project that involves stuff like Evil AI Lady Macbeth and Hamlet But It's In A Space Station. I'll write you letters and send them in the actual mail! I'll send you guys updates and little snippets of my voice talking about what I'm working on and snippets of my novels and all the upcoming short stories I haven't yet written! I have a long way to go, and a lot happening in my head, and I'd love to share it with you in the months leading up to my short film. And...who knows what'll happen after that. 

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